Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fast Make Up and Easy Make Up for Busy Moms

Another busy mom and career woman falls in love with the Tru Hue Makeup system!

Want an Easy Make Up for Work?

Take a look at Sybil and how her makeup actually takes less than 5 minutes!

Have You Been Looking for Makeup Made Simple?

Welcome, welcome! I'm glad you've found our blog (and website). But before I tell you why it's great you're here, let me introduce myself. 

My name is Marcella and I am a professionally-trained makeup artist with 19 years experience doing makeup in production (in other words, TV, commercials, etc.), photography/print and weddings. I knew my passion when I was a kid and would spy on my mother teaching her clients how to apply makeup. I was mesmerized by the "transformation" not only in appearance of the client, but in her demeanor as well. When women felt good, they sat up taller, spoke differently and well, just glowed (and it wasn't just the makeup!)

I began giving my friends makeovers for school dances and loved to see the "nerdy girl" transform and feel great about herself. Now, this was the late 80's, so you can imagine some of my go-to colors were frosted white lipstick and blue eyeliner. I promise though, I no longer have those colors in my kit!

So when I finally got to train professionally, I was ecstatic, especially since my first course was in Madrid, Spain where my mother's family lives. I soon followed up with another course at the world-renowned Joe Blasco Makeup Academy in Orlando, Florida, where I also attended college. I won't lie, I fought my parents on finishing college because I'd found my passion, but nonetheless I did manage to finish. Not sure how my degree in French helps me in my career (this was after changing my major five times), other than I'm ready to do makeup work in Paris! Oui, oui. Tout suite!

Throughout the years, and no matter what type of job I've worked, as soon as people find out what I do for a living, I have consistently been told, "ah, don't look at my makeup!" and asked, "what makeup should I be wearing? I like to look natural and not take a lot of time." Of course I've helped friends, but I wanted to reach further than that. 

Thanks to technology, makeup tutorials are bountiful, this is for sure, and there is certainly no shortage of makeup in the world, from the fabulous palettes, BB Creams, HD foundations, vibrantly colored eye shadows and lip sticks, etc. This is a very accessible world and truly heaven for us "makeup junkies".
Hanane Before
Hanane After
HOWEVER,  there are women who actually don't enjoy or care to go shopping for makeup or watch video tutorials...and in the world we live in don't actually have time, even if they wanted to. These are the women I want to speak with. The busy career women who dash out the door in the morning with barely time to grab coffee, or the busy mom who doesn't have a moment to herself. What about the busy mom who is also balancing her career? Talk about two full-time jobs! I've baby sat for my friends' children, and no matter how great and well-behaved they are, it's still exhausting!!! Hats off to you, ladies.

This is where my 6-step, 5 minutes system comes in. It's truly 5 minutes to a flawless face, and it's mommy makeup made simple. I know you adore your children and that they're the best things that have ever happened to you, but you also still want to feel like YOU. The you that used to put herself together before going out on a daily basis. That's what this is for: to look polished and put-together in the least amount of time possible. With my system, you don't have to think about anything. Just do and go. It's as simple as that. 

A lot more tutorials will be coming soon and I love to have real clients video themselves applying the system so you can see real-life women and how it works for them. When you purchase your system, video yourself (if you find the time!) and send it to us. We want to know how it works in your life!


I look forward to revolutionizing your beauty world, because it's still alive and ticking!