Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What Are the Steps to the Tru Hue Makeup System?

What is the Tru Hue Makeup System all about? I explain it here. Click to watch!


What Are the Steps in Applying the Easy Tru Hue Makeup System?

Here I am applying all the steps for the five minutes to a flawless face! You get to see me with no makeup (eek!) but you'll see how easy the application is as I give detailed information and some extra beauty tips!


All About Tru Hue's Lip Colors!

This video is all about the different lip products in Tru Hue and what is the best fit for you!


Why I Started Tru Hue Makeup.

Yes, YOU were the inspiration. The every day woman who doesn't have time but wants to look put-together. After being asked time and again: "what makeup do you think I should wear?", I finally came up with a solution :)